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Providing Coverage for Political Campaigns Throughout Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and Texas

Running a successful political campaign takes time, effort, and quite a few people working together. However, no matter the success of the campaign, the environment and structure can expose these organizations to a wide variety of risks.

At Centurion Insurance Services, we offer quality political campaign insurance policies to those in Las Vegas, and throughout the rest of the state of Nevada. Additionally, we are licensed in California, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Texas. Our mission is to answer any questions our clients may have about a complex coverage, and provide solutions at an affordable price.

Protecting All Facets of Political Campaign Operations

Whether you’re looking to insure a local mayoral campaign or seeking coverage for an individual running for the state Senate, Centurion Insurance Services has everything in place to protect your campaign. We tailor coverage for all aspects of a campaign, and we work alongside our clients to learn the ins and outs of their operation.

From campaign offices and political conventions, to fund-raising events, debates, and everything in between, there are quite a few factors that go into insuring a political campaign. Determining the proper coverage can be a tall task, but we’re here to assist in finding the right policy for our clients.

Some coverages to consider for a political campaign insurance policy include, but are not limited to:

For additional information regarding our products and services for political campaigns, please contact us at your convenience.

Friendly Agents Working with You

At times, the insurance purchasing process can cause a few headaches. This is especially true when searching for a unique policy such as political campaign coverage.

At Centurion Insurance Services, our job is to try and eliminate some of those pain points, so we work alongside our clients to figure out how, exactly, their campaign operates. We encourage our clients to ask questions, and we’ll do the same, in an effort to determine the proper coverage.

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