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Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage

Any time, Any Place, Any Damage

Comprehensive auto insurance is exactly what it sounds like—inclusive and wide-ranging insurance for your vehicle. It means protection against any auto damage or expenses due to something other than a collision. It’s for whatever life throws at you (or your car).

comprehensive auto insurance

With a comprehensive auto insurance policy from Centurion Insurance, you don’t have to worry about your vehicle while it’s parked in your driveway, in a downtown parking lot, or by a construction site. Our team of specialists can prepare a policy that’s right for you with a variety of features to insure your car against damages or loss resulting from:

  • Theft or Larceny
  • Vandalism and Glass Breakage
  • Fire Damage
  • Hail, Water, or Flood Damage
  • Hitting a Deer or Other Animal
  • Damage from Falling or Flying Objects

Other Services

And that’s not all, folks. In addition to comprehensive coverage, Centurion Insurance Services also can provide other non-collision related services for you and your car, like Roadside Assistance and Diminishing Deductible.

  • Roadside Assistance: With this feature, we provide you with advantages like lockout assistance, jump starts, and towing up to 15 miles—all in one convenient package.
  • Diminishing Deductible: We commends you for being an accident-free and violation-free driver with an annual credit reward toward your collision deductible.

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