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Steve got me the coverage I needed with a great rate. Top notch personalized service. Definitely 5 stars !!

Laurence Pasciuto

Accident Forgiveness in Henderson NV & Las Vegas NV

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Don’t Let One Accident Hurt Your Record.

We understand that accidents happen. On the road, there are many situations that are outside of your control and sometimes cannot be avoided. At Centurion Insurance Services, we don’t want an accident to hurt your driving record, or even cause your rates to go up. With the right coverage, you can be forgiven for your first chargeable accident through Accident Forgiveness.

Under Accident Forgiveness, if you’re involved in an accident, your rates won’t increase – even if the accident is your fault. This applies only one time per policy, and once it’s been used, you’ll be eligible to receive it again three years later.

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